We believe that the key to building healthy, thriving communities is to work with the individuals living in that community; to listen to their voices, their aspirations, and the obstacles in their way; and then to work collaboratively, using co-creation, to bring their ideas and solutions to life.

All too often in developing countries, key stakeholders are not invited to participate in the vision for their community's future. Often, it is decided for them by international organizations and AID agencies, resulting in unsustainable projects.

We're changing that.

Since 2015, we've been working closely with a forward-thinking Maasai community living amidst the Suswa Crater in Kisharu, Kenya.

With a total population of 2,400, Kisharu has faced significant obstacles on its way to prosperity. The community suffers from limited access to healthcare, malnutrition, drought, and lack of a substantial inclusive education system. This affects vulnerable and orphaned children the most. Through no fault of their own, children who lose their parents or are neglected by their immediate family are left behind, unable to reach their full potential.


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