Bettina is a Swedish ethnologist and a founder of COurban, an urban design and research collective based in Copenhagen working with democratic city planning through co-creation, participatory design processes and doing on site data collection. She has an Masters in Applied Cultural Analysis from the University of Copenhagen and wrote her MA thesis on ethnographic material in design, with Project LIFE as her case study. Bettina became involved with the project through her internship with CITITEK.

Bettina has a background in political philosophy and indigenous studies. She finds the focus on social equity and female empowerment in this project highly important. In her work as the ethnologist on the team, she will have a prominent role in conducting the co-creation workshops with the community and contribute with insights to a design that can uphold these values. 

Bettina, despite her nordic blood, is not fit for cold weather which makes work in Kisharu, Kenya even more appealing. She also likes cats and pizza.


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