"You cannot design FOR someone, you can only design WITH someone." - Bianca Hermansen

Bianca is the Director of Global Design & Engagement at LEGO. She was previously the founder of CITITEK, a small international expert unit working with research and evidence based design.

Bianca has worked as an expert consultant at Gehl Architects and Copenhagenize Design as well as a number of professional and nonprofit advisory boards. She is also an adjunct lecturer at DIS, Copenhagen University, University of Washington, and the Arhus School of Architecture.

She holds degrees in landscape architecture, urban design and has a PhD in health-performative architecture & social design. 

Bianca is an adviser for Crater Creations Project LIFE on co-creation methods, overall process design and project quality management. She chose to be a part of the project because she is a firm believer in co-creation and user ownership. Having worked across the globe, she has experienced first-hand how the majority of projects in developing countries fail due to a lack of context understanding and consequently a lack of community engagement. She believes that the success of this project depends on the level of engagement, ownership and stewardship of individuals and the entire Kisharu community. 


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