Daniel is a Maasai leader who has lived in the Kisharu Village inside Mount Suswa his whole life. He has a very large family consisting of his wife Agnes and their five children, one of which is adopted, and he has over 30 brothers and sisters. Daniel has been guiding visitors around his homeland since he was young; from 1988, at the age of 10! Through his education and time spent with visitors, he has learnt to read, write and speak English.

Daniel has attributed his world perspective to his education, of which he considers himself lucky to have received. He has been advocating against female genital mutilation and polygamy in families which causes distress. He has also been fighting for gender equality in the village and for the opportunity of education for all children in Kisharu. 

Daniel is in charge of production of Project LIFE community engagement for Crater Creations. He is on the board of directors for a medical clinic recently built on his family's land which provides inexpensive medical assistance. He loves the occasional iced coffee and is seriously photogenic.

Check out The Great Rift - a 2012 BBC Documentary featuring Suswa. Daniel assisted with guiding the crew. Suswa's part starts at approximately 20 minutes. 

His website, Daniel Mount Suswa has more information about guiding, Mount Suswa, and his village. 

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