Crater Creations believes in sharing our achievements, current projects and future goals to create transparency with our donors.

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Geothermal Water Pipeline

Goal: The goal of Crater Creations is to provide 2,000 liters daily of potable water for the Maasai community through geothermal pipelines.

Impact: The purpose of building a sustainable geothermal water pipeline is to provide fresh clean water for the Maasai community in Mount Suswa, to be used for drinking, sanitation, and agriculture.

How it works? The Suswa Conservancy is very geologically unique. Active magma flows located beneath an underground aquifer create geothermal steam which the Maasai have learned to capture and bring to the surface as a freshwater source. The pipeline is dug into the ground and allows the steam to flow into a condensing tank where it cools and becomes freshwater. The pipeline can provide up to 420 liters of fresh water per day. Joseph and Margaret Tanin are in charge of the water management for the geothermal water pipeline.

Current Projects

1. School Sponsorship's

Goal: Education is a key goal to create sustainability. Crater Creations aims to sponsor the youth of the community by paying school fee’s for selected vulnerable children.

Who is Crater Creations currently sponsoring?

Lesinko Sipitiek

2. Summit Kilimanjaro (Action Trip)

Goal: To create awareness and raise up to 16,000 USD for the Kisharu community.

About: This will be Crater Creation’s first ever 100% locally operated adventure to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and offer an opportunity to meet the Kisharu community.

3. Long-Drop Toilets

Goal: Improve human and environmental health conditions.

Impact: Community development on proper waste management.

4. Motorcycle

Goal: To provide a quick method of transportation around Mount Suswa.

Impact: The motorcycle will be used to deliver water to one of the three primary schools without access to a geothermal water source. As well as being used as a method of transportation.

5. Livestock - Micro Loans

Goal: Invest in livestock to resell at peak season.

Impact: To create a sustainable and local source of income for the Maasai community.

6. Livestock Fencing

Goal: To fence in an areas large enough for various community member’s herds.

Impact: Protecting an investment through agricultural management.

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Lesinko Sipitiek - Future Engineer

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Future Goals

Reaching the budget to build a future Community Shelter

Goal: To build a community shelter that would provide a children’s home and school for vulnerable Maasai youth within the Kisharu community. Also, to provide a safe environment in which education is the priority for all students in order to maximize education in the community. The budget for this project is $300,000 USD which includes the materials for the buildings, the labor to build them, and the salaries of a teacher and home manager for five years. After five years we hope the community will have enough capital to be financially independent and sustainable.

Impact: The school will provide children with access to a government accredited educational curriculum that would allow them to pursue post-secondary educational opportunities. Each of these children will be given the tools they need to reach their full potential. Not only is this project an investment in children, it is an investment in the Kisharu community.

Actions Trips

Goal: Crater Creations aims to create two to four actions trips per year; that would raise a total of $25,000 to $50,000 USD per year.

Impact: The purpose of these action trips is to fundraise wealth, so it can be reinvested in the community. It is important for the participants to meet the community to understand their necessities and to practice Co-Creation in order to understand the community’s daily lives.

Water Projects

Goal: Crater Creations wishes to construct three to five more geothermal pipelines.

Impact: The purpose of constructing geothermal pipelines is to allow the community to have potable and easy access to water without having to travel a distance from their home.

About: The importance of geothermal pipelines is to allow the community to have a reliable fresh water source to help better prepare for droughts. Since 2014, droughts have been getting increasingly severe in the region.

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