July Newsletter

Dear friends,

I hope you all are enjoying the summer, wherever you may be. Its been too long since our last update. My deepest apologies for that - we've been working diligently behind the scenes on a number of engagements that we hope you'll enjoy hearing about. As a quick refresher, I'm also including some events/milestones we've achieved in the last few months.

Endicott College Spark Tank Competition 2017
In April, our team placed at the annual Spark Tank Competition. We were able to win $2,500! While we didn't win all potential funds, (the competition was strong) the event has brought us a lot of momentum.

Railway Grant
We applied for a $5,000 grant back in February and received the entire amount in June from Railway - an organisation that focuses on impact investing and sustainable development. We are incredibly grateful for this opportunity and excited for the impact we can make.

NYC Benefit Concert @ Pianos
In Mid-June, we held a benefit concert at Pianos in NYC featuring Evelyn Cools, Newcomers Club, and Grammy-Nominated musician Alastair Moock. It was an absolute blast. We had a great crowd of people show up for a great night.

Convocation Speech @ Endicott College (Sept 5th, 2017)
I am honored to announce that I will be key-note speaker at Endicott College's 2017 Convocation this year at 3PM on September 5th. I'm going to speak about the true inspiration behind Crater Creations (Kisharu Community) and the importance of collaboration and partnership, among other topics. We aren't sure if the event is open to the public but when we find out, we'll let you know and would love to have you make it!

Current Focus
We're currently in the midst of determining which local contractor in Kisharu is going to begin implementation of the solar/water/sanitation system ($12,500) that we have more than enough funds to cover (currently ~$18,885). Our hope is to begin construction by the beginning of September. The local contractor we are most likely to partner with already has experience building a $150,000 medical clinic for an Italian NGO close to our construction site. They are the optimal choice as a result of their experience with the locals and transferring materials through the rough road system.

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions and thank you very much for your continued support. One thing we've realized is that any project takes a great deal longer to complete in Kenya (especially rural Kenya) than anticipated. But with help from our fiscal sponsors Mama Hope, our partners, and all our supporters, we'll keep pushing forward.


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Evelyn Cools & Band

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