March Newsletter

Dear friends,

What a month. Just over a year ago, Bettina, Katy, and I were back in Nairobi after one of our many trips to the Kisharu Community. We were trying to digest the sheer size and scope of the project we were about to undertake and rationalize just how much work needed to be done.

But we realized we were not alone; that the people of Kisharu have been fighting for education for years; some devoting their entire lives to the betterment of their children and community. There we were thinking we were forming the team ourselves, but in fact, we were joining one.

The following months were not easy. We were rejected from a number of funding opportunities and potential fiscal sponsors. It didn’t take too long to realize we didn’t know what we were doing. None of us had non-profit experience, and therefore it was difficult to get to any state of confidence without proof to back our methods up. Even more so, we felt like we were failing Kisharu.

That changed in November 2016, when we received a fellowship and fiscal sponsorship from Mama Hope. On what was becoming a last ditch effort to get the project off the ground, the cards fell into the right place. Mama Hope took a chance on us. Hannah Beavers, our fellowship coordinator, told us she believed in Kisharu’s vision: The idea that success in life shouldn’t be governed by where you are born or to whom. 

And it wasn’t until you supported us that we really began to see just how much of an impact could be made. 

In only 4 short weeks we have raised $4,257 dollars from 32 people! We have also secured a small incoming corporate sponsorship and a $1,000 match when we reach a milestone of $6,000. Our goal is to reach $6,000 in 2 weeks to secure the additional $1,000 for that milestone. We are much closer to our year end goal when we first started.

This wouldn’t be possible without you.

We won’t let you down,

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