First Water Project Complete


I hope summer is treating you all well! As always, I have some exciting updates to share:

1. Our first water project is complete. We're proud to announce that the first fully sustainable geothermal water system has been completed providing over 420 liters of fresh-clean water per day. You may have noticed, but it took much longer than expected. When the dry season ended a few months ago, the raining season came with full force, ending a three year long drought cycle (one of the longest in recent history). The rain brought along a host of issues we were not expecting - mainly flash flooding. As shown in the pictures below, unsuspecting trucks can get buried, and it became dangerous to drive supplies up into the crater.

2. Presentation at the Rotary Club of Andover, MA. Our new(ish) member of the team, Rachel Lewis has been an absolute star - helping us apply for grants, taking initiatives on funding objectives, and organizing a couple major events which we'll talk about shortly. Rachel graduated from Endicott in 2017 with a degree in Environmental Science and began working with us earlier this year. 

Rachel was given the opportunity to present Crater Creations at the Andover Rotary Club in MA on Friday (June 8th, 2018). Strong connections were made, and we're hoping to leverage a few other speaking arrangements and funding opportunities from them.

3. $2,000 grant from the First Church in Wenham. We are extremely happy and grateful for the support from the First Church in Wenham who graciously donated $2,000 last month for our cause.

4. New intern. This summer we're excited to announce that Santiago Gonzalez, a current student at Endicott College, will be joining us as our second ever intern. His main focus is going to be on marketing and events in Boston. 

5. Kilimanjaro Trip in January 2019. After much deliberation, we are excited to "soft-lanch" the first Kilimanjaro fundraising trip for Crater Creations. If you're interested in joining us in January - please email Rachel Lewis at and 'cc me ( More details will follow in the next couple weeks with the itinerary and required fundraising goal. If you end up joining us, this will be an absolutely unforgettable trip. We're going to take Daniel (our community leader in Kenya) with us. Memories will be made that will last a lifetime. Please share! Once we open this up to everyone, spots are expected to be filled quickly.

6. Partnership with Endicott College. We've been working with the international department for the last few months to iron out a curriculum based on inclusive and co-creative international development and entrepreneurship. The course will be called "From MegaCorp to Farmer: Discovering Kenya's Hidden Entrepreneurs". It will consist of a few classes/readings throughout the Spring Semester. It will be followed by a two week excursion in Kenya where we'll be leading students to meet with some amazing local entrepreneurs who are solving some of Kenya's most pressing issues. Students will also fundraise and work together with community leaders to target specific projects.

7. Acceptance of Alumni Award at Endicott College. Also on June 8th, 2018, I was humbled to accept the Eleanor Tupper Alumni Award from Endicott College for our work with Crater Creations. There are two alumni awards given out annually with this award focused on service and entrepreneurship. I can't thank all of you enough for your continued support. It means the world to our team!

That's all for now - stay tuned for more!

David Freeman
Co-Founder, Crater Creations

Geothermal Water Pipeline.jpeg

Geothermal Water Pipeline

Water Project 2.jpg

Isuzu truck stuck due to flash flooding

Dripping Water.png

Geothermal Pipeline dripping clean water

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